Salvatore valentinetti
quartetto stradivari
The Stradivari Quartet

The realization of this quartet of string instruments, perfect reproductions of classical masterpieces of the greatest artist of the Baroque violin making, Antonio Stradivari, is the work of master luthier Salvatore Valentinetti, who built them in the years between 1994 and 2001.

It is a realization of excellent professionalism with which the teacher has reached the pinnacle of a brilliant career. A work created not only by the desire to prove their skills, or to acquire professional prestige, but also to satisfy his own artistic talent.

The construction of the instruments was performed by tracing philological the features and assembly methods of the original instruments of the Baroque period; a road difficult, complex and outstanding competence that determined the value and rarity of this quartet, which is approaching so surprising is the original from the structural point of view that the tone and sound.

The designs of the inlays were faithfully reproduced with high precision techniques of cabinet making, paying particular attention to the use of materials: frames (keyboards, pegs and tailpiece) were in fact hand-crafted, made of ebony wood, and bois de Pernambuco roses, and inlaid with other quality timber, ivory and mother of pearl.

Currently, the original purple Herbert (1695) and cello Marylebone (1688) are preserved and
exhibited in the Royal Palace of Madrid, the violin Greffuhle (1709) is the property of the Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC, while the violin Hellier (1679) is part of a private collection.